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Keith Vaz on Rishi Sunak appointment as UK Prime Minister: “This is a historic day”

Keith Vaz, the longest serving British Asian MP representing Leicester East from 1987-2019, has reacted to the appointment of Rishi Sunak as the UK’s first British Asian Prime Minister.

Vaz said, “Whatever your politics for those of us involved in diversity issues in the UK over the last 40 years this is a historic day for the British Indian community. It is the equivalent of Obamas election to the US Presidency. When I was elected to Parliament in 1987, I would never have even contemplated the possibility that in my lifetime we would see a British Indian at Number 10. Having just returned from observing the US political midterms something similar is happening there. It’s an awesome achievement with huge responsibilities but for one brief moment in our journey in this country no matter which party you support we can celebrate. Then the real work of politics gets going again. Amazing.”

Vaz was elected 55 years after the previous Indian MP. He was Britain’s first Asian Minister and Chaired the Home Affairs Committee for nine years. He now Chairs the Think Tank IF.