'Bang Bang'

Katrina Kaif buys her own dresses

Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Bang Bang’ poster was one that impressed many earlier this week. With the film’s trailer being waited for by audiences and the industry alike, news has emerged that Kaif has paid for her own dresses in the film.

Apparently, Anaita Adajania designed the dresses in question for the actress but when they were overbudget, the makers decided to look elsewhere. They approached designer Gravin Miguel but when he made the dresses, he was ready to charge 1 crore for the two garments. The makers felt this was also a bit extortionate and that it would be a cost that the film perhaps couldn’t manage. It is thought this is when Kaif intervened and paid for the dresses herself.

Kaif didn’t want to compromise the look that the makers wanted her to have for the film and therefore she bought the dresses herself.

‘Bang Bang’ is slated for release on 2nd October.