Katrina Kaif 1 Fitoor 340x

Katrina Kaif is perhaps one actress who hasn۪t opened herself up to other parts of filmmaking aside from acting or even expressed a desire to which her contemporaries have been seen doing. However, Kaif has said that she would like to direct an ad film.

Yes, sometimes, I do think about that. I would love to direct an ad film,۝ said Kaif to Hindustan Times. But you have to learn to crawl before you walk, right? So, you have to start out small۝.

She went on to say, I have not understood enough about the other aspects. I don۪t know how to express myself well as a producer, a director or a writer. There۪s still so much left for me to get my hands on as an actor. Maybe, once I feel like I۪ve grasped everything that I want to with regards to acting, I۪ll turn my attention to other aspects۝.

Talking about whether she sees some of her contemporaries۪ films and wishes whether she was a part of them, Kaif concluded, Thoughts like, I wish I could۪ve done that film۪, don۪t come to me often. Rather, sometimes, you kick yourself for not having the vision or foresight to realise the potential of a particular character or film۝.

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