Katrina Kaif: “I don’t see point of holding on to anything unpleasant from past”

Priyanka Borua Vo



Katrina Kaif’s name was probably taken the most when news of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s relationship became public. Kaif has always maintained that she has her own relationship with Bhatt, but many were still surprised when she was seen acknowledging Bhatt and Kapoor respectively at this year’s Filmfare Awards. Kaif spoke about why there is no point in staying aloof and how she would rather have friends than enemies.

Speaking to DNA Kaif said, “I will tell you something important. A certain thing is already playing out in a certain manner. My reaction to it makes no difference. I can sit here and feel anger and bitterness. I can make myself unhappy. Or I can take into consideration that, how miserable I am makes no difference to anyone else. So, instead, I can lighten my own burden and say — let me be happy and at peace. And what is meant for me, will come my way. I’m not trying to be Ms Goody Two Shoes. I’m not some extra-terrestrial being. I do go through my own share of pain and angst. But I see no point in holding a grudge. Whoever it is (no names taken), I don’t see the point of holding on to anything unpleasant from the past. I would rather let bygones be bygones. I don’t think anyone is out there to hurt me. People are trying to do the best for you. But, sometimes, in trying to do the best for you, you get hurt. Too bad. However, I would rather have a friend than an enemy. Believe me, I would genuinely prefer having a friend than an enemy. I like to laugh, I like talking to people. I like hanging out with people. Under the circumstances, I see no point in staying aloof. I believe in making friends.”

Kaif was last seen in ‘Zero” (2018).