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Katrina: “Have to build up yourself to accept whatever comes your way”

Katrina Kaif has had a tough time recently after her alleged break up from Ranbir Kapoor and her last film ‘Jagga Jasoos’ proving a box office dud.

In an interview with PinkVilla, Kaif spoke about taking a break from it all. She said, “There is no definition of getting it all sorted. You have to build up yourself as a human being to accept whatever comes your way. Whether it is up, down, failure, success, feeling lonely, having a companion, romance, breakup. You have to build your base strong. I don’t believe in taking a step back and going on a break. Because a lot of times you don’t know what the future holds. You don’t know what is to be sorted out, what is meant to be sorted out. A lot of times you have to only trust in God and the Universe. What’s happening is for the best, and it is for a reason.”

She added, “You may not see the reason now, it may be seen later. But you should believe there is good to come. Of course, you go through moments where you have self-doubts and incredibly low moments where you think it is hard to face the day. But it happens with all and that is when you need to find the courage to face it and believe in yourself. Had you not chosen the path that you are on, you wouldn’t get to witness what will come your way in the future. And a person like me, if you see my journey, it is wonderful and magical. There is no reason for me to lose faith. I believe in the fact that good is to follow.”