Karishma Tanna: “Working with Hirani sir is a big thing for me”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Karishma Tanna has landed a role in Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanjay Dutt biopic and she says it’s a really big deal for her to work with the filmmaker.

“Now that I’m finally getting the chance, I’ll make the most of it. Working with Hirani sir is a big thing for me. At least in my resume, I’ll have a mention of his name in my filmography,” said Tanna, according to Hindustan Times.

The 33-year-old hopes that the biopic will bring her some more offers, “I understand that it is just a guest appearance, but hopefully, it’d give me more recognition in the [film] industry. I’m being positive that something good will come my way after this big project.”

Although Tanna can’t speak about her role, she has revealed she’s excited to see Ranbir Kapoor at work, “I get to see how Ranbir is giving particular shots, and how Hirani sir is directing. I get to pick so many things as an actor. Also, I’m a good observer of people and their mannerisms”.

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