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Kareena Kapoor Khan takes up aerial fitness

With the world of health and fitness always being in the spotlight, it comes as no surprise that Kareena Kapoor Khan has taken up a very unique exercise regime to get back into shape after giving birth in December. Talking to the media, was her new fitness trainer Anshuka Parwani, who explained how the actress is focusing on her core muscles rather than looking to lose weight.

“Her workout is tailor-made and we keep changing the routines. Post pregnancy, it’s been a lot more about balancing out hormones and the endocrine system.She practices the ‘Aerial Silk Yoga’ which uses a low-hanging hammock to aid traditional postures by supporting your entire body weight mid-air,” Mumbai Mirror reports Parwani explaining.

“It’s not about jumping but holding postures. Kareena can hold position for up to two minutes which is an achievement,” she expressed.

She went on to add, “Kareena and I are always working towards achieving more aligned postures through relaxation and breathing. I usually travel with her so we don’t miss a session and when I can’t she does cardio.”

Parwani has said to also have worked with the likes of Huma Qureshi, Malaika Arora,  Jacqueline Fernandez and Parineeti Chopra.