Kareena Kapoor Khan explains why she walked out of ‘Section 84’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Kareena Kapoor Khan Bajrangi Bhaijaan 4 340x

Kareena Kapoor Khan recently lost her cool when media asked her about her recent walk out from a film. Earlier, BizAsia reported that Kapoor Khan abruptly opted out of director Raj Kumar Gupta’s ‘Section 84’, following the same when a media person asked the lady about this, she burst out at the same.

The actress doesn’t like anyone’s interference in her work and hence she said that it’s her personal opinion whether to choose or opt out of a film. She told Hindustan Times, “I don’t understand why is there such a big hue and cry about me not doing the film. I don’t know why people are going crazy if I have said no. Doing or not doing a film is my decision. To win or lose an opportunity, as the case may be, is also my problem. I think it is totally irresponsible of people to go on and on about me walking away from a film. Puhleeze, it is not as if I had started shooting for it. After the final draft itself, I told Raj that the film’s script didn’t work for me.”

If this wasn’t enough, she added on, “I don’t really care. Kya kiya, kya nahi kya, kyon kiya, kisne kiya ��� there are so many people and so many talks. Twitter par koi bhi kahin bhi koi kuch likh deta hai, log baat karna shuru kar dete hain, controversies khadi ho jaati hain! Par, I don’t have time for that. Mujhe pata hai sab karte hai, Let them say what they want. I have decided long back that I am not going to get bothered by such frivolous matters.”

Also, the ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ (2015) actress turned down the rumours about her role in the film saying, “I never bothered to clarify this before, but it really gets to me. First and foremost, I am not doing the film. Secondly, who said that the character in Section 84 is that of a schizophrenic? Come on, these are all publicity stunts. No one really knows what part the female central protagonist is playing!”

After this clearing the air about the film, the ‘Heroine’ (2012) said, “To be honest, I was not convinced by the script at all. I am sure that I won’t work in a film if I don’t like at the script level. Seriously, even if I don’t have a single film in hand, I won’t do a film unless its script is really good.�۝

She also talked about her relations with the director and said, “I love Raj as a person. I have admired his films. We parted on a wonderful note. Tomorrow, if he works on another film, wants me and I like the script, I am sure we will work together.”