Karan Singh Grover is now singer Vanar

Priyanka Borua Vo



Karan Singh Grover is making music, literally. The actor is venturing into singing, and will have his first live performance on Saturday, and he will be hitting the stage with a new identity. Grover’s stage name will be Vanar, as he feels a strong connection with monkeys, and will be making music with his partner Deepesh Sharma.

Pinkvilla reports Grover saying, “The songs we made together are really good. I’ve written the lyrics and Deepesh has set them to a tune. It’s  house music which our generation enjoys so we decided to go on stage with them.” He also adds that they are trying to form a band. Grover said, “The band will be called ‘Vanar Yug’. I’m essentially a monkey but ‘Bandar’ would have sounded stupid. Besides there is already a band called ‘The Monkees’ and another called ‘Gorillaz’. I want to be true to my region so the name ‘Vanar’ is apt. The first song we came up with was ‘Hanuman’ who was the leader of the Vanar Sena.”

Grover will next be seen in ‘Firrkie’, which is slated to release next March.