Karan Patel’s wife Ankita Bhargava six months pregnant?

BizAsia Correspondent



Former ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ star, Karan Patel, will soon be a father, with his wife Ankita Bhargava being believed to be six-months pregnant already.

An undisclosed source close to Patel has been cited in IWM Buzz as saying, “We all know that Ankita had a miscarriage. However, the couple is rock solid in their relationship and is set to embrace parenthood soon. He (Karan Patel) wants to be with his wife.”

However, Bhargava had a rather witty response to all the rumours. She said, “I also heard the same from a few more portals… It seems I have been expecting every year ever since I got married 5 years ago. Anyway, Pregnant or not pregnant…. I don’t want to be in the news for this reason…AT ALL, so let’s not make any article about it anyway, Thank you for at least letting me know.”

Bhargava had a miscarriage last year, so here’s hoping to happier times for the couple ahead.

By Arjen Gill