Karan Oberoi’s lawyer calls rape allegations “false”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


BizAsiaLive.com reported a few days back that popular TV actor, Karan Oberoi, had been arrested after being accused of rape. The actor’s lawyer has said that the accusations are “false”.

Dinesh Tiwari, the actor’s lawyer, has been quoted by Pinkvilla reacting to the arrest, “Allegations are false. We are taking the necessary steps to undo the damage that has been done and expose the person behind it”.

“Both of them initially had a casual chat but later, the woman started pressing Oberoi for various reasons. In order to extort money from him, she threatened to lodge a police complaint against him to defame him. When he refused to comply, the woman approached the police and registered a case on the basis of baseless allegations after which Oberoi too approached the police and gave his statement,” the statement went on to add.

It was said Oberoi is thought to have had sex with the accuser on the pre-text of marriage and also videoed the act, blackmailing her to keep quiet about the incident.

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