Karan Mehra claims Nisha Rawal had an extra-marital affair in 2015

Jeetesh Luhar



The fallout from Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal’s troubled marriage continues to make news in the public eye. The pair are constantly making serious allegations about each other. In June, Rawal accused the Mehra of having an extra-marital affair. Now, according to Mehra, Rawal had an affair in 2015.

In an recent interview, Mehra put forth his side of the story and dismissed Rawal’s claim of having an extra-marital affair, reports Peeping Moon.

He accused Rawal of tarnishing his image and said she was in a relationship from 2015 to 2016. He added that Rawal’s brother, Rohit Sethia, asked him to forgive her. “After which I forgive her. I did everything. Yehi Rohit Sethia gallery main khade hokar mujhse maafi maang raha tha ki meri behen ki zindagi barbaad hojaegi. Usse galti hogayi hai. Uske maa ki meri kya izzat reh jaegi,” Mehra said.

Mehra reacted to Rawal’s statement that she doesn’t want any alimony from him and said she is using social media to damage his image. He also said that he feels their son Kavish is not safe with her. “Kavish ke leye itne paisey chahiye ptani jitne main 50 bache pal jaaye. Itne zada paisey chahiye. Mereko dedo main apne aap paal lunga. Mereko jarurat nahi hai itne paisey dene ki. And why should I give you money? For what? For raising him? How? Your way? Mujhko nahi chahiye. Ese insaan ke sath toh bacha bilkul bhi safe nahi hain,” he said.

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