Karan Kundrra on film career: “I may sound boastful but I am doing a pretty good job”

Jeetesh Luhar



Karan Kundrra has been working on a combination of TV and films and, by his admission, he is doing a “pretty good job”. He is not hesitant in saying that he’s doing “way better” and “making more money” than a lot of actors trying to earn name and fame via movies.
Kundrra is now coming back to television with Ekta Kapoor’s forthcoming TV show ‘Dil Hi Toh Hai’ and is glad he is being able to balance all his commitments, reports the Hindustan Times.
“I am doing it pretty well. I realised it very well in my career that if somebody is doing something, it doesn’t mean you also have to follow that path. That makes you a follower, never a leader. I have to make my own path,” he told the media.
He pointed out how, when he was accepted in the fiction genre, he landed a chance to host a crime show like ‘Gumrah.’ He said. “It was not an in-thing at that time, but I did it… People asked me, ‘Why would you want to host a crime show?’ But we made Gumrah and we made it cool. When I started doing films, people said. ‘Oh lovely, you’re making films and you’re successful with films, why do you want to go back to TV?’ But I came back to television and did even better. It’s the same thing now. I have given a solo hit film… My film (1921) broke records in Pakistan… It’s all because of my fiction shows as people there watch a lot of our shows, so there it is. I am making my own path. I may sound boastful here, but I am doing a pretty good job.”

Kundrra has also steered clear from being stereotyped. “When I got Mubarakan, it was a very funny sort of a character. A lot of people told me, ‘Why would you want to do this? It will stereotype you. You will only get these kind of roles. You should be doing leads’. I said, ‘No, it’s a big film, it’s Anees Bazmee’s film and I should be a part of it.’ Immediately I got 1921 and it was a lead, and a completely different role. So there’s no stereotype anymore. Again, when you come to Dil Hi Toh Hai, a lot of people said why are you doing, but I am building my brand, and there’s no better way to do it than by doing television and films together. The margins are not that bad anymore.”
What attracted him to ‘Dil Hi Toh Hai’ was its atypical story line, and the fact that it has a heroine who is neither crying nor asking for pity. “Thank God there’s no ‘rona dhona’,” he said, noting that there are efforts to make TV shows more relevant to the times now.”
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