Karan Johar & Sonu Niigam blast gay court order in India


In a huge blow to the homosexual community in India, the Supreme Court today delivered its verdict on gay sex remaining a criminal offence.

The court order means gay sex between consenting adults stays a criminal offence under Section 377, a 19th century law banning sex “against the order of nature”.

Filmmaker, Karan Johar and singer Sonu Niigam expressed their anger on Twitter earlier today.

Johar, who witnessed huge success with “gay” comedy ‘Dostana’ (2008), called democracy in India “a mirage”. Furthermore, he blasted individuals on Twitter who have been judgemental on the court’s decision. Johar said, “#Sec377 is not just a violation of human rights but also makes democracy seem like a mirage in our country…And many people on this democratic platform called TWITTER disgust me…inhuman and insensitive tweets sadden me at the state of regression! For all those who think that this judgement gives them a right to talk about their self appointed machoism…GET A LIFE!!!”

Niigam was more forthcoming saying, “Supreme Court judges decide whom LGBT(Gays) shud hv Sex wth….I’ll be happy 2 chose partners 4 d Judges as a return favour. Camels may b?…For sm extra-Einsteins here on Twitter, Homosexuality, is not a cultivated habit! Or a Vice!…Homosexuality, is a state of existence, as normal & natural as manhood& womanhood. It has 2 b accepted as Normalcy….U can’t punish Homosexuals for Normalcy. They r not Criminals. We are actually, for making them feel like freaks all these centuries.”

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