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Karan Johar on how Shah Rukh Khan helped him with his sexuality

In one of his biggest revelations, Karan Johar has opened up about how he coped when others had teased him about his sexuality.

In his memoir, ‘A Suitable Boy’, Johar shared that it was Shah Rukh Khan who supported him the most during that phase.

Johar said, “He (Shah Rukh Khan) was born and brought up in a very progressive environment. He comes from theatre. He had worked with all kinds of people. My parents, perhaps, weren’t able to understand things. My feminine side that was coming out so strongly was only met with laughter or with being made fun of. And then, when I grew a little older, people got a little quieter about it. But I could tell whether there was a slight chitter-chatter about the way I was walking or speaking.”

He added, “I remember Shah Rukh Khan was the first, kind of like, man that didn’t make me feel lesser for some reason. I feel like he accepted what in those days was considered being pansy, being effeminate or walking funny. He was just so cool about anything. He even had a lot of open chats with me. Whenever I had to say the biggest thing about my personality and sexuality, I spoke to him first. He was that one sense of support. Even he doesn’t realize what he’s been to me.”

Johar is now a father to two children via surrogacy.