Much speculation has surrounded the sexual orientation of filmmaker Karan Johar. However, he’s never come out and spoken about it. He has however recently said that he’s very proud of who he is.

“I have never expressed my sexual orientation in those many words. I have insinuated a lot and have said what I wanted to say in my book. I will never say that I am embarrassed or ashamed to say it. I am very proud of who I am and who I will always be. Whatever I have written in the book is the truth and I stand by every word of it,” said Johar at the Sahitya Aaj Tak event, as reported by Indian Express.

He further adds, “Every morning I get up, I face a lot of trolling on Twitter, Instagram and on other platforms. If I post a picture with a pout then people make filthy comments,” he said. Karan added that the comments used to make him angry initially but now he feels “amused and just smile when people make such comments… Whatever I am, I’m proud of myself… The orientation I have, is who I am”.

On his portrayal of homosexuality in films, Johar also added, “Unfortunately, if my name had been Karan Kashyap, then I would have got a lot more credit”.

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