Karan Johar: “I am yet to make a film that I entirely love”


He’s one of the Indian film industry’s most successful filmmakers, however Karan Johar has admitted that he is yet to make a film that he is completely satisfied with.

Whilst catching up with the media, the filmmaker spoke on how he feels about his films. “In retrospect when I look back and see some parts of my movies I cringe and feel terrible that I actually subjected an audience to those portions. Some of them got fortunate, other parts in those films made them reach a certain success mark,” DNA India reports Johar explaining.

He went on to add, “I’m not proud and happy with each and everyone of them. I am yet to make a film that I entirely love.”

Also very well known for his TV chat show, Johar has recently ventured into another type of chat show where he give relationship advice to the public on the radio called ‘Calling Karan’. Now preparing for its second season, when asked if he takes inspiration from his films when giving advice, the film maker expressed, “No, what we show in the movies is ridiculous. You can’t possibly ruin people’s lives by giving those situations. Those are meant for cinema halls but not for people.”

Talking about the show, Johar doesn’t shy away from giving honest and sometimes hard advice. “We have a disclaimer in the beginning that I’m not a professionally trained individual so my advice should be taken at that level. But I give extremely sincere advice and I’ve broken a few relationships,” he signed off.

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