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Karan Johar confirms Big B’s pivotal role in superhero flick

Karan Johar is producing Ayan Mukerji’s next will star Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. There have been rumours of Amitabh Bachchan’s involvement in the film but nothing was confirmed until now.

Talking on the sidelines of the MAMI’s Movie Mela 2017, Johar is reported by Deccan Chronicle as confirming that Bachchan has a pivotal role in the upcoming film which is due to be a superhero trilogy. Kapoor himself also said, “I am extremely excited! Ayan is trying something beyond his years. I think Alia and me are soldiers in this dream of his. He is so hard working. He has a vision. The kind of imagination. The dream that he is trying to put up. It cannot be possible without your backing. The kind of cushioning. The pillow you are surrounding him with!”

He also spoke about collaborating with Bhatt for the first time, “For me to work with Alia is very exciting. The first time I met Alia was when she was very young. When I say young, I mean ten-eleven (Alia quips: I was eleven). You could feel she had an aura, talent, success, good looks, it all comes with the territory. You have to have all of that! But she had an aura about herself. You wanted to see her. You wanted to talk to her. You just kind of wanted to be around her! So, I am excited. I think she will add to my understanding of acting and this process will be a lot of fun”.

The film was said to be titled ‘Dragon’ but it seems this isn’t the working title.

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