Imran Khan

Imran Khan in 'OUATIMD'
Imran Khan in 'OUATIMD'

As the media play chinese whispers about the happenings of the rich and famous, it had been reported that Karan Johar and Imran Khan were not on good terms due to the box office failure of ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’ (2013). However, Johar has spoken out against the claims, stating all is well and good between himself and the actor.

Rumours went round stating that Johar apparently, put the blame on Khan for the film not doing well, whereby Khan retaliated by giving back his pay cheque for the film. Upon hearing this, Johar spoke out to the media rubbishing all these allegations. “Imran and I have been close friends. He has also been a professional associate of our company. In fact, Imran’s wife Avantika and I are close as well,” India Todayreported the film maker stating.

With that said, to think friendships can be broken by the response of a film, does portray a cause for concern. Here’s hoping, the makes and breaks of relationships in B-Town are not solely based on the success or failure of a movie, and our film makers, heroes and heroines are a bit smarter than that.

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