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Karan Johar: “Ayan has given seven years of his life to Brahmastra”

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer ‘Brahmastra’ has been making headlines for the past few weeks owing to its grand teasers, song releases, and posters. It is well known that the actors and director Ayan Mukerji have given this film their all and a lot of pressure is riding on them for the same. Producer Karan Johar is in complete awe of Mukerji.

IWM Buzz reports Johar saying, “Ayan has given seven years of his life to Brahmastra. If he wanted, he could have made three or four films during that time.Instead he chose to focus on one project, his dream project. Ayan has lived breathed slept with Brahmastra. It is unlike anything we’ve seen in cinema. In terms of budget vision and scale it is the biggest film I’ve made. Ayan has not moved socially upwards at all. He is driving the same car that he used to seven years ago. He hasn’t moved into an upscaled home either.He lives now where he lived when he came to become a director. Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani which he made for my production house Dharma nine years ago was a huge hit. Ayan didn’t use that as a mean to make money. Instead he dedicated his life to making Brahmastra. I know the people in the industry are waiting to see what he has done. I know there are a lot of doubts surrounding the film. But I am confident Brahmastra will be a gamechanger.”

‘Brahmastra’ is slated for a 9th September release.