Kapil Sharma talks about his back injury: “I had to take my show off-air…”

Ketna Mistry



At the start of this year, following a back injury, Kapil Sharma had to take his show off-air at short notice. Many of his fans were concerned after seeing images of him in a wheelchair at an airport.

Reported on Bollywood Hungama, Sharma shared that this back injury stemmed back to 2015 and had been an ongoing issue for the TV host, “I first suffered pain in 2015 and didn’t have knowledge about this. I was in the US at the time. A doctor gave me an epidural and I got relief from pain, but the problem stayed there.”

Sharing his ordeal he added, “I suffered this again in January 2021. I had so many plans but I had to stop everything. I had to take my show off-air because of the injury. This pain leads to a change in your behaviour, you start feeling helpless because you can’t get up from bed. And then people start telling you that you will gain weight by lying down all the time. You should start liquid diet. A person is already in pain and someone gives you a salad to eat, your pain is doubled. I have suffered a lot.”

Sharma is the face of IQ Spine Clinic helping to promote the importance of back health.