Kapil Sharma has confirmed that he will be meeting up with Sunil Grover soon to discuss a possible new show.

The latter, who fell out with Sharma after an altercation on a flight back to Mumbai, stopped working with him on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ earlier this year. This also led to the temporary closure to the series.

Talking to Mid-Day, Sharma said, “He is currently in Canada. As soon as he returns, we will meet up and discuss the possibility of a new show. Hopefully, we should be back together.”

He added, “The rest of the cast members are also ready to come on board. This time too, I was sad that our issue had become so big that it had started affecting our friendship. I tried explaining to him that everyone makes mistakes and I too had committed one. But he wouldn’t have any of it.”

Meanwhile, Sharma is promoting his next film ‘Firangi’, out this month.