Kanika Kapoor wants to be known more than a sexy voice


Kanika Kapoor

Kanika Kapoor, known for her fame from singing the song ��Baby Doll�۪ in ��Ragini MMS 2�۪ (2014), is constantly spinning plates between work in India and home life in London.��Being classed as the current sexy voice of Bollywood, she has become aware of what to look out for in Bollywood and what not to, as she knows that a sultry voice is just as rewarding as it is dangerous.

Being interview by Daily Mail in India, she said, ���London is home, Mumbai is work, so I spend a lot of time living in planes!�۝ and continued to appreciate, ���I have been lucky to get an interesting start in Hindi films. There is still a lot that I want to do but I am happy that my voice has come to mean happy time in the lives of so many people�۝.

Kapoor is aware of being type casted for just doing dance item numbers, but she spoke about her forthcoming work also, ���A lot of my work you are hearing in 2016 was recorded last year. This year on I am more cautious. I can afford to be choosy now. I can refuse to sing certain songs.�۝ Do ���certain songs�۝ refer to vulgar lyrics?�۝.

Kapoor comes from Lucknow, and is part of a Khatri family.��She studied music for 12 years and trained with Guru Ganesh Prasad Mishraji.�� By the time she was 15, she was on National Radio and supporting Anup Jalota on global tours.�ʉ��It�۪s been 20 years and the journey has been tough. Success did not come easy but I guess I got noticed because I write a lot of my own music,�۝ she continues.

���I even went to acting school for a while ��� in short I did everything that I thought would help me be a complete performing artist. So, my musical career did not just happen to me,�۝ she says, starting off as a smalltown girl.

She wants to continue to do Bollywood music but also does not want to lose her connections with classical music because this was where she came from originally.

Her personal life has been as a roller coaster as her professional, but right now she feels she is in an extremely good place in life.�� She married at the age of 18 and divorced after 10 years, with three children to date.

Rocking her career she manages to balance motherhood.

By Rishi Kapoor

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