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Kangna’s message about Deepika in old Hrithik email goes viral

With the spat between Hrithik Roshan and Kangna Ranaut taking a turn after alleged email exchanges between the two. While Roshan has always maintained that it wasn’t him who sent emails to the actress, it has now emerged Ranaut’s feelings towards her previous arch-rival Deepika Padukone.

It is well known that Ranaut and Padukone did not see eye-to-eye due after the latter walked away with the Best Actress Award at an event for ‘Happy New Year’ over Ranaut’s ‘Queen’. At the time, it was reported that Padukone had dedicated the award to Ranaut.

During that occasion, Ranaut said, “Deepika called me, and clarified that she had no personal equation with me to make a direct call (to appreciate her performance in Queen). Also, I explained to her how it would have been unjust for me to publicly acknowledge an award from her when I have decided not to attend any awards functions. It was an emotional and heartfelt conversation. I appreciate that she called me; she is truly courteous and very emotional, and I just love that.”

However, in an old email, which has surfaced up, Ranaut is seen opening up about Padukone, which she thought she had sent to Roshan. It read, “Also though i know deepika won’t call, because that’s has been happening for past 4 days now but the fact that she said and she didn’t, starts to play on my mind and makes me depressed. Even though i know its because of my disorder that i get so serious about trivial matters but i am still feeling bad that she’s saying meaningless things. I really hope she does that or i will always feel bad about her behavior.”

PinkVilla reports that the emails are part of the annexures filed by Roshan’s lawyer, Mahesh Hethmalani to Mumbai Police.