Kangna Ranaut’s lawyer demands answers from Deputy Commissioner


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It seems the battle between Hrithik Roshan and Kangna Ranaut isn’t going to come to an end any time soon. Recent news has it that Ranaut’s lawyer has sent a complaint to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber) M Raj Kumar.

There was a suggestion recently that Ranaut was due to go visit the police station as a witness of the e-mails that the actress received from an imposter pretending to be Roshan himself. “Kangana has still not received��the notice which she was supposed to receive��by��Saturday��at least. I suspect that such wrong information is being fed to the media��off record,”��Spotboye reported Rizwan Siddiqque, the actress’s lawyer.

“Instead, why is Kangana not being given the FIR which Hrithik Roshan had filed against the impostor in December 2014? We have been demanding a copy of this FIR since several days, but all our requests have been ignored,” he went on to question.

Siddiqque also spoke about how Roshan had, in the past, spoke of ‘friends’ who had informed him of the imposter, however hadn’t given any names as to which friend exactly. ��The Lawyer went on to ask,��”Hrithik had publicly declared that he had learnt about an impostor through his friends. However, he supposedly never named these witnesses. Who are those��witnesses?��nstead, the police would like Kangana to report at the police station and��participate as��a witness just because Hrithik has named her as one of the persons who told him about the impostor. This is ridiculous.”

Going on, Siddiqque added, ” If Hrithik had learnt from his friends as he says, surely Kangana was not the only friend. She could be just one of the friends. Why are the other friends being shielded even when the matter has become so controversial?

Hrithik’s complaint needs to be scrutinised in detail . The truth needs to be ascertained in the interest of justice.”

As the battle goes on, there’s no way in saying when thing’s will settle. It seems things may have gotten a little out of hand. Here’s hoping the two actors will be able to come to an agreement sooner rather than later.

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