Kangna Ranaut stands her ground in Hrithik Roshan battle


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As the fight between Kangna Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan continues, it seems neither of them want to back down. However, Ranaut seems to be standing her ground and pulling out all the stops for her win.

After Roshan proclaimed that an imposter had sent out e-mails to Kangna Ranaut, he had also mentioned Ranaut’s sister’s name Rangoli, which didn’t go down well with the actress. Putting things in to context was Ranaut’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiqque, who was reported by��Times of India stating, “If exchange of emails was between two people, of which one was an imposter as Hrithik Roshan claims, then why did he name Rangoli in his FIR? We need to know how he’s saying Rangoli is involved, but shockingly, the police refused to share a copy of the FIR. Not only did the officers refuse to come on line and instruct their juniors to not share the FIR with us, we were also told to take it from the court.”

He went on to add, “My client has not been attacking yet. But now, things will take an ugly turn. Hrithik Roshan is trying to circulate images, and we will take the strictest possible legal action against him for that. How can he say he doesn’t know my client personally? That too in the end of 2014, after her big hit ‘Queen’. His lawyer (Dipesh Mehta) says my client got emails that were forwarded to an imposter. Why would my client do that? For all the ridiculous claims being made by his lawyer, Hrithik Roshan doesn’t understand he will have to face the consequences of that.”

Talking of what is now required of Roshan, Siddiqque explained, “In my notice to Hrithik Roshan, we had given seven days’ time to reply and apologise to my client. He’s keeping quiet in the name of dignified silence, but fact is he doesn’t know how to answer. It started with his notice alleging defamation, but there’s no mention of that anymore. And now he’s trying to deviate with this FIR.”

He also spoke on how the authorities have also let the Ranaut down in not providing the right evidence in connection to Roshan’s FIR, “As per the provisions of the law, the police are supposed to share a copy of the FIR with us. But refusing what is our right, gives the impression that they have been managed by Hrithik Roshan to save his image.”

Look’s like this battle won’t be settling down any time soon.

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