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Kangna Ranaut slaps legal notice to stop release of ‘I Love NY’

'I Love NY' starring Sunny Deol & Kangna Ranaut
‘I Love NY’ starring Sunny Deol & Kangna Ranaut

Kangna Ranaut is doing everything in her will to stop the release of her stale movie ‘I Love NY’, which also stars Sunny Deol.

According to Mid-Day, the film, which has been canned for many months, is scheduled for release next month. However, Ranaut allegedly claims that the makers, T-Series are releasing the film to piggyback on her recent box office success.

Her lawyer, Rizwan Siddiquee, says, “It is very unfortunate that without even informing my client, T-Series has unilaterally decided to theatrically release an old film starring my client amongst others. The film was originally abandoned by T-Series for almost six years, as it was not up to the mark and therefore, not commercially viable. It is obvious that T-series is trying to cash in on the current situation for personal gains and therefore, in discharge of their moral duty they neither informed my client nor asked her to promote the said film.”

Apparently, Ranaut was previously told that the film will “never be released”. Siddiquee added, “Despite that, the act of belatedly and unilaterally releasing the film amounts to willful breach of trust. This would hamper the name and image of my client. In my notice, I have asked them to stop the release of the film, as was verbally assured to my client on numerous occasions.”

‘I Love NY’ is scheduled for release on 3rd July.