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Kangna Ranaut: “Shallow people get impressed by box office numbers”

Kangna Ranaut in 'Katti Batti'
Kangna Ranaut in ‘Katti Batti’

Kangna Ranaut’s next movie ‘Katti Batti’ will look into live-in relationships. However, recently, she has been in the news for being the highest paid actress in the industry currently with her renumeration demand being of 11 crores. She has also won a National Award in the last year for her performance in 2014’s ‘Queen’ as well as been a part of ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ (2015) which crossed the 100 crore mark.

Talking about the same, Ranaut told The Hindu, “In our films the underdog always ends up making it to the top. I am experiencing something similar. Shallow people get impressed by box office numbers and the intellectuals soak in the performance. Everybody is impressed”.

“It�۪s a contradiction to me. The idea is to change the way the industry looks at female actors. I was so badly humiliated and teased just because I belonged to a gentler sex. People would not have done it with a struggling male actor because they would wonder what if he becomes a big star one day. Now, they will be more careful. They will fear that if an aspirant becomes a Kangana Ranaut someday, she will not work with them. When I retire I will be relieved that I made a significant change in the way the industry looks at its women,” said Ranaut, regarding being the highest paid actress in the industry today.

She was also reported to have taken a break from acting to go on a filmmaking course in the US. Speaking about whether she would do that again, the actress divulged frankly, “Of course. I like to remain detached from fame. It helps me focus on the characters I play and my life”.

‘Katti Batti’ is directed by Nikhil Advani and is slated for release on 18th September.