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Kangna Ranaut: “My personal style is very bohemian in spirit”

Kangna Ranaut’s fashion choices are on every girl’s wishlist. She has given traditional Indian wear the versatility most women wouldn’t go for, like wearing saris to the airport. Ranaut is the new brand ambassador for designer Anita Dongre’s ‘Global Desi’ line, which gives you a mixture of traditional wear, and Ranaut says that her own personal style is Bohemian, much like the line.

Speaking to Vogue India, Ranaut said “My personal style is very bohemian in spirit, exactly what Global Desi stands for. It is the perfect representation of today’s generation and their wild thoughts. We don’t belong to any place but [to] the globe, the entire world. So you can wear this dress and land anywhere in the world and you will be the centre of attraction because of your individuality, [and] at the same time your openness to what the world is today.”

Ranaut was last seen in ‘Simran’ (2017).