Kangna Ranaut likes being called ‘beautiful’

BizAsia Correspondent



Kangna Ranaut has said it was refreshing for her to be termed ‘beautiful’ as it’s not a word that she’s been called before. The actress was speaking as part of the promotional activities for her upcoming film ‘Rangoon’.

Speaking to film critic Anupama Chopra, Ranaut revealed her character had to be attractive so that the two male leads fall in love with her. “To me, it was a fresh change, where director sees me as someone who is beautiful and whom two men can fall in love with. My character Julia is apparently beautiful, there is a charm to her which is unusual, that made me feel nice”, she said.

Ranaut went on to credit director Vishal Bhardwaj for calling her this, explaining, “The way he used to tell his crew- ‘I want Kangna to look this way, because she is so beautiful’ and I am like, ‘this adjective has never been used for me.’ Hence, for me ‘Rangoon’ indeed was a refreshing change. I liked being beautiful”.

The film is all geared for release on 24th February 2017.