Kangna Ranaut on hurting people’s egos

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Kangna Ranaut has opened up about hurting the egos of people.

The actress who was at an event to launch the trailer of her next ‘Simran’ was being lured by filmmaker Hansal Mehta for a film since her debut ‘Gangster’ but she had declined the offer. Apparently, the refusal hurt the ego of Mehta. Ranaut and Mehta now are coming together for ‘Simran’, which releases in September.

Ranaut was cited in Deccan Chronicle saying, “Ego toh mai zarur hurt karti hu, (I definitely hurt egos of people) even though I don’t remember the stories (laughs).”

She added, “I don’t mind people calling me a rebel, I don’t take offence. If I deserve to get something, I take it either by fighting or by normal means.”