Kangna Ranaut feels social media is “consuming”

Priyanka Borua Vo



While a social media page and its respective followers have become one of the new marketing strategies for Bollywood celebrities, actress Kangna Ranaut has no interest in them. Ranaut feels social media is consuming, and while it is ‘mandatory’ for brand endorsements, she would rather not bother.

IANS reports that Ranaut talked about the social media effect on the television show ‘VH1 Inside Access’, where she said, “I am not on social media for many reasons and one of them is that I feel it’s so consuming. People tell me open an account because there can be brand queries and they want you on social media. It’s mandatory. Sometimes your agents tell you just open an account and don’t post or let us post. That’s not okay with me because I have not done anything in my life where I am not involved. I can’t imagine the fact that I am being dishonest on some level that someone else is pretending to be me. I am faking that with millions of people and it is sort of like having a fake relationship.”

Ranaut will next be seen in ‘Manikarnika’, which will also star Ankita Lokhande.