Kangna Ranaut calls out Karan Johar & Shabana Azmi to address #MeToo


As more and more women speak up about their #MeToo experiences, it seems many big names are staying mum about the movement especially when they have a perfect platform to do it. Two such names are Shabana Azmi and Karan Johar, whom Kangna Ranaut has called out to, for them to address the issue where they can.

Ranaut has made a big stand for the movement, addressing it through every medium she can. Talking to the media, the actress spoke about Johar, stating he is prominent on social media and also has a lot to say about the materialistic side of the industry on his talk show, but he hasn’t said anything about #MeToo. “I have been speaking about it every day. But, now, more significantly, more people need to come out and talk about it. It’s just not one person to talk about it. It’s important for people like… Where are people like Karan Johar, Shabana Azmi, they should also come out and talk. Karan Johar always has views about gym looks, airport looks, he tweets ten times about it, what about this? This is their identity, this is their bread and butter, Film Industry when it’s going through such an important shift, where are they? It’s important that other people also now join this movement,,” Bollywood Life reports the actress stating.

The actress went on to add, “I was seeing the promo that they have launched of his talk show, wherein again those frivolous talks have been going on. This one is sleeping with this one, that one is sleeping with. You know making girls look like Barbie dolls. This is not done and why men who change women like clothes are glorified. Has there been a woman who has been glorified like that? Honestly, it’s funny, since I have started, I was seventeen, it’s just been about gossiping about some select people sleeping with each other. It can’t be just that, we need to grow up and it’s high time that we do.”

Despite many people from the industry talking about the movement, there are still many that seem to be staying away from the whole thing. “When the Industry is going through such a shift why are these A-list actresses not sharing their stories? I am the only one, you guys come every day. I don’t know who calls you but honestly, I have spoken a lot, it’s not for one person to talk,” Ranaut expressed.

“This has to be made clear, we need to promote men who are, I don’t know what they do in their real lives, we are not here to judge them but at least who project to be one woman man. like somebody who pretends to be a Casanova, we don’t have to glorify that, we don’t have to glorify a culture where you date a woman for ten years and then just abandon her and change women like clothes, we don’t have to glorify that. I am not judging them, they are all my friends, they are lovely. But, this is the time when it can’t be just like… c’mon Karan Johar,” she added.

Ranaut’s strong stance for the movement not only comes from her will to stand up for what’s right, but also due to her own experiences. Talking about what she went through and what needs to be done, Ranaut explained,”I have taken a strong stand. When I was seventeen I had lodged an FIR. Some people need to be supported by the society but I don’t want to discourage the lone fighters like me. There are some who will slap the offender right then and there and kick their ass, so there are women like that also who might not have to wait for years and years. There are women who need to be empowered and there are women who are very strong. But, my point is, where is Shabana Azmiji, why isn’t she sharing her #MeToo experience.”

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