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Kangana Ranaut says she felt “raped” after property demolition ordeal

Kangana Ranaut has once again sparked controversy after using the analogy of rape when describing how she felt when her property was partly demolished by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

In an interview with Times Now, Ranaut she felt “raped” after officials of BMC demolished part of her office, which she called her “house”. She said, “A house is not just roof and walls. House is like an extension of your human body…” She added, “When I saw that, I felt I am raped. Today, if there’s a robbery and the thief has not taken anything, you still would feel violated mentally, psychologically and emotionally…”

The incident took place after Ranaut was given 24 hours to rectify the illegal parts of her building. At the time, Ranaut was travelling from her home in Manali back to Mumbai. BMC officials decided to call the bulldozers in while the actress was in transit.

Ranaut has sent a legal notice to BMC seeking compensation.