Kangana Ranaut on mental illness: “anyone can declare one a psycho”


After being publicly mocking Deepika Padukone’s struggles and philanthropy regarding depression, Kangana Ranaut has taken to social media to address the topic of mental health yet again.

When criticized for implying that Padukone is running “depression ka dhanda” (business of depression), Ranaut responded on Twitter by claiming that there is no medical proof for mental illness, “If people like her get their way they will put every extra ordinary individual in asylum, this illness has no diagnosis based on blood reports or body scans,anyone can gather a blood thirsty mob and declare one a psycho and get them lynched,stop using mental illness so loosely”

She also added, “Let’s not forget they declared me a bipolar, forget bipolar I never had minor depression either, but I was helpless I didn’t know what to do to fight their claims they were too many in numbers and I was alone,how to prove my sanity? let’s not do this to people, let them be”

“If @deepikapadukone says she suddenly got depressed for a break up which happened 10 years ago, we believe her so give me and Sushant (Singh Rajput) same respect if I say I am not mentally ill or if Sushant’s father says he wasn’t mentally ill believe us also na. Why you forcing illness on us?” Padukone has not explicitly blamed her break up with Ranbir Kapoor for her depression.

It is important to note that contrary to Ranaut’s insinuations, people living with bipolar disorder are not psychotic or clinically insane, and mental health issues are valid, diagnosable and curable illnesses.

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