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Kangana Ranaut on Cannes 2019: “The clothes I wear will have drama”

With a gruelling filming schedule of behind her, Kangana Ranaut is in the mood for a heady dose of cinema, couture and French Riviera.

Before she heads to the Cannes Film Festival on 15th May, the star, who is representing Grey Goose at the event, reveals that her clothes will reflect the theme ‘Live Victoriously,’ reports Mid Day.

“The clothes I wear will have drama. At the same time, as an Indian actor, I have the responsibility of endorsing our weavers, and wearing outfits that reflect our rich heritage. My stylist Ami Patel and I have been brainstorming for a few weeks. We, along with Falguni and Shane Peacock, are designing a unique saree. The idea is to bring the forgotten weaves to the fore so that the world is more aware of our rich fabrics and culture,” says Ranaut.

Citing the Met Gala’s theme of Camp this year, she emphasises that having a unique style of dressing is essential at such international galas. “In 2012, I attended Rakesh Roshan’s birthday party sporting a no-eyebrows look. So risqué dressing has never been a deterrent. I was one of the first actresses to wear sarees to the airport. When I was seeing the Met Gala pictures, I thought that in India, the real queen of Camp would be Rekhaji. It’s wonderful how Priyanka [Chopra Jonas] and Deepika [Padukone] are making their mark there.”

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