Kangana Ranaut brands Indians supporting farmers’ protest riots “terrorists”

BizAsia Correspondent



Kangana Ranaut has sparked controversy after riots seen in Delhi on India Republic Day involving the farmers protesters. Photographs of protesting farmers hoisting their flags at Red Fort went viral on social media.

Ranaut tweeted, “Six brands cancelled contracts with me some were already signed some were closing n said I called Farmer terrorists so they can’t have me as an ambassador. Today I want to say each and every Indian who is supporting these riots is also a terrorist including anti national brands.”

In a separate tweet, Ranaut said, “Sick and tired of riots and blood bath almost every month , Delhi, Bangalore and now again Delhi #RedFort.”

In another video shared by the actress, she said in Hindi, “We have become a joke before the world today. We have no prestige left. We don’t care if the Prime Minister of another nation is our guest, we can sit naked in front of them. If this goes on, there will be no progress in this country. Whoever supports this so-called farmers’ protest should be jailed. They have reduced our nation, its government and Supreme Court into a joke.”