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Kangana Ranaut accuses Karan Johar of faking ‘Brahmastra’ box office figures

Despite the widely reported huge box office figures for ‘Brahmastra’, Kangana Ranaut has objected to Karan Johar’s take on the film’s status.

Ranaut has refuted the figures and said she wants to interview Johar to understand the maths. The makers of the film have said that ‘Brahmastra’ has earned Rs. 160 crore in two days worldwide.

She took to social media to say, “Released on Friday and on Sunday it’s a big hit already and by the way made huge profits also. In ₹250 cr (that also a fake figure). ₹650 cr (reported to be ₹410 cr) budget (including VFX). Just because Prime Focus is co-producer doesn’t mean VFX doesn’t have any cost. Yeh Karan Johar mathematician ka maths…humko bhi seekhna hai (I also want to learn this maths by mathematician Karan Johar).

She then shared a post by Box Office India, which stated the film is on to be a big success. Ranaut added, “This Box Office India handle has been harassing me and many like me because he is on payroll of the mafia…Today he declared Brahmastra a big hit in one day, where according to him it has only earned ₹65 cr so far. He did major smear campaign against Manikarnika (cost ₹75 cr…theatrical revenue ₹150 cr). He declared it a flop. Thalaivii ( ₹100 cr prerelease recovery) pandemic release…he declared it a disaster. Also they did major harassment on Dhaakad failure and ticket sales. What you sow is what you reap. I am here now I want to understand this mathematics. I don’t do underhand conspiracies, I don’t backstab. I challenge openly and righteously.”