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Kamya Punjabi to marry Shalabh Dang

Kamya Punjabi just announced her wedding plans with Shalabh Dang, after being in a relationship for seven months. However, it took her almost six months to finally come to the decision.

Punjabi spoke about the proposal in an interview with SpotBoyE, sharing that Dang asked for her hand in marriage after knowing her for only a month and a half, “I was sure about Shalabh since the time he proposed to me but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take the responsibility of a marriage, kyunki main itni dari hui thi (because I was so scared). So, I took sometime but then finally said yes because I felt that if I am sure about him then this marriage will also be good and beautiful. And gradually, I accepted it and now I don’t have any kind of hesitation. In fact, I am super excited to get married to him.“

Dang is based in Delhi, making this a long distance relationship. “It was one of the things which was scaring me and big worry for me. But he made me understand that when you want to do something, solutions automatically come in front of you. So, we have decided that he will travel to Mumbai over weekends, as he belongs to the corporate sector and blessed to have weekends off (laughs).”, Punjabi said.

But the couple isn’t rushing into marriage and are planning their wedding for next year, “I want at least 6 months to arrange things. It’s just three months left for the year to end. So, I don’t want to rush with anything and enjoy this phase of being in love and feel the excitement of getting married thoroughly.”