Kalki Koechlin rejected by Anurag Kashyap?

Kalki Koechlin rejected by Anurag Kashyap?

Kalki Koechlin, who played the role of Chanda in her debut film ‘Dev D’ (2009), has recently revealed that she was initially rejected by Anurag Kashyap for the role.

For him, Koechlin was not fit for the role as the film, which was the modern take on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s classic Bengali novel ‘Devdas’, required an authentic Indian looking girl. Since she was not an Indian she lacked that charisma, according to him. “While the producers of Dev D directly contacted me to audition for the role of Chanda, Anurag Kashyap was completely against the idea. After seeing my portfolio, Anurag rejected me stating that I am not an Indian and do not look the role,” Koechlin told NDTV.

However, the production house secretly auditioned her and sent the video clip to the film’s writer and director Kashyap. Quite mesmerised by it, Kashyap immediately called her and gave her the role.

Post the film’s shoot, Kashyap and Koechlin dated each other for two years and then on April 30, 2011 the two tied the knot. However, the stars didn’t favour them for long and the couple soon drifted apart and finally separated last year because of personal issues and differences.

“There are still some differences between Anurag and me and that equation is complicated. While there are still some unhealed, raw wounds, I respect Anurag and cherish being his friend,” said the 30-year-old actress.