Kajol: “I don’t think I have ever cancelled a day’s shoot”


Keeping up with being one of Bollywood’s most appreciated actors, comes with hard work and dedication. Understand this concept very well, actress Kajol has proved this in more ways than one and has expressed how not having taken a day off work has a huge part to play.

“In my 25 years, I don’t think I have ever cancelled a day’s shoot. With (utmost) honesty I can say that, I have not missed a flight or cancelled a shoot till date,” Mumbai Mirror reports Kajol explaining.

She went on to add, “You are working in an industry where if you fall sick or cancel a shoot, lakhs of rupees go out of somebody else’s pocket. So that’s a huge responsibility on your head.”

Talking about how irregular an actor’s life is with unsocial working hours, lots of travelling, an inconstant diet as well as attempting to be in good shape, Kajol expressed how the one day she did take off wasn’t for her. “One day my daughter was not well, she had 104 degree temperature, that’s the only time I remember telling the producers that I can’t come. But for my own illness, I have shot even when I had high fever,” she explained.

It’s fair to say despite all the odds, the A-listers of the film industry sure know what hard work is, where this just proves it’s not as easy as they make it look.

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