Kajol confirmed for Anand Gandhi’s ‘Beta Kaagdo’

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


In a recent interview, Ajay Devgn revealed that he will be producing a film in which his wife Kajol will star in it. BizAsiaLive.com has reported previously that the film in question will be directed by Anand Gandhi.

Devgn said at the time, “The script is locked; it’s a humorous, emotional, slice-of-life film.” Now, reports Times of India, after Rohit Shetty’s ‘Dilwale’ (2015) opposite Shah Rukh Khan last year, Kajol has been written a role by ‘Ship of Theseus’ (2012) filmmaker Anand Gandhi for the film which likely to be directed by Rajesh Saathi. It is a screen adaptation of Gandhi ‘s Gujarati play, ‘Beta Kaagdo,’ and revolves around a mother and son relationship with Kajol playing a single parent. The film is due for release in January next year.

Gandhi, who has written and directed well-received plays like ‘Sugandhi’, ‘Pratyancha’, ‘Kshanotsav’, ‘Na’ and ‘Janashtaru’ and one more in Gujarati, ‘Chal Reverse Ma Jaiye,’ said, “I had written Beta Kaagdo 15 years ago and it is inspired, in part, by my mother’s life and her eccentricities. My mother has been my muse for the story. Kajol is a wonderful actress and I can’t wait to see her render the part. I believe Ajay Devgn will produce a well-crafted film, which will work for audiences across the board.”

When asked if Devgn would be involved in other aspects of the film and he replied, “He is producing the film, and he really enjoys the creative process. He brings very surprising and exciting ideas on the script.”

‘Ship of Theseus’ (2012), Gandhi ‘s feature film debut, released 3 years ago. He commented on what kept him away from directing for so long. “I was busy with the documentary, An Insignificant Man, which I produced and Tumbad for which I was the creative director and executive producer. I also produced a couple of shorts and virtual reality documentaries and have spent the last year building Memesys, India’s first virtual reality studio.”

While Gandhi ‘s directorial debut went on to become the toast of the festival circuit while also receiving acclaim amongst audiences, his soon-to-be leading lady was recently asked at an event in Mumbai if she was crossing over to “art films” with her next project. Kajol shot back saying, “I don’t agree with this thinking, nothing can be called a mainstream or art film. There are only good films and bad films. We make films so that the audience can enjoy them, leaving their troubles behind to lose themselves in the story and the characters. I believe I am going to make good films.”

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