Kajol on how 25 years of being in the industry has changed


Kajol who has completed 25 years in the industry, shares how life in Bollywood was very different to what it is today.

In an interview reported in Pinkvilla, the ‘Dilwale’ (2015) actress opens up about how as actors they would grab every opportunity and sign up to do 10-12 films simultaneously, but now there is choice and actors are being selective. “That’s not because we had a personal equation with the filmmaker or better understanding at the time. That is because people have realised now that you can’t do everything. At that point of time, every film did well. I don’t think there was anything that you could have called a very big flop. It was a different time and space altogether and everyone watched everything because there was no other form of entertainment back then. Now, people are more conscious about what they are doing, what they are saying on and off screen. That also contributed a lot to it. Again, for the better and because it’s a different world today than what it was then.”

With regards to the 90s multi-starers, the ‘My Name Is Khan’ (2010) actress feels that actors now have insecurities about themselves and their co-stars. “That’s the whole point. Nobody is that confident about the other person anymore, to do a multi-starrer. That is why I am saying that there definitely are some good changes, but there are also changes that are not-so-great. Back then, everyone was friends, everyone knew each other. We were all drinking buddies. We knew each others’ families, wives, and children. Now, it’s suddenly all about I, me and myself… more about ‘me’ as a brand. Will I work with another person? Will that affect my brand equity? Will the other person overshadow me? So, yes, there are a lot of insecurities and considerations to take into account now.”

The ‘Fanaa’ (2006) star feels however that the Bollywood industry has changed for the better. “It’s more professional. Bollywood has become a big industry. Earlier, the industry was much smaller and there used to only be a handful of people working. Now, there are corporates, so there are a hundred different avenues and reasons to have a job. The time has changed. In a lot of ways, for the good and in a lot of ways, for the bad.”

Kajol will next be seen alongside Dhanush in ‘VIP 2’.

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