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Popular youth fiction ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan’ is set to make a comeback, two years after it ended, can exclusively reveal.

Talking to Raj Baddhan on Sabras Radio’s ‘Drivetime’ show, producer Vikas Gupta of Lost Boy Productions confirmed the developments. Without giving much away, Gupta said it was one show that a lot of fans had been wanting to see return. understands that the show has already received interest from both digital and TV partners. However, it is early to confirm where the show will end up. MTV India, which broadcast the first two series’, is not so focused on youth dramas as previous so it remains to be seen if the show fits in with the channel’s ethos.

‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan’ is expected to return with a new cast. The iconic show has been one of the most successful youth fictions. It also gave career breaks to the likes of Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor, who have gone on to do other shows. In the same interview, Gupta also expressed to work with Taylor again, now that she will be leaving ‘Ghulaam’.

Listen to the full interview here (via Sabras Radio).