Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh

With Yo Yo Honey Singh’s music being appreciated internationally, acclaimed music maestro Kailash Kher believes that the fame the young singer is currently receiving is just a phase and will pass.

When asked about how audiences have taken positively to the rappers music, NDTVreported Kher stating, “It’s no big deal, it is a phase and it will also pass on. What happens is we make too many opinions and judgments about things. Nothing survives and nothing sustains forever except love and purity.”

Referring to the way in which the music industry is changing s rapidly, Kher went onto say, “Today we are in one phase, tomorrow we will be in another. Whatever you are marketing or writing about too much, would also reflect in creating the phase. People are liking and disliking everything and anything.”

“There are good and bad things today. If the type of music you are naming is being loved, then rest of the musicians should be at home and should be unemployed. But everyone is busy – so in a way (all kinds of) people are there. Everyone has a share of audience and a share of receptiveness,” he added.

Kher is mostly know for his culturally influenced sounds, who rose to fame with his independent work as well as his Bollywood tracks. Understanding the music scene and how it is constantly changing, Kher added, “If we don’t have quality then definitely we won’t survive. Nature has its own course of balance and you cannot do anything extreme. The moment you do something extreme, it balances on its own. So if you have bad things in name of creativity you will also have good things to balance it out.”

Kher’s hoping Singh is taking note and is prepared for what the future may hold.