Kabir Khan on ‘Tubelight’: “Shah Rukh Khan instantly agreed”

Shyama Sudra



With Kabir Khan and Salman Khan coming together for yet another major film, one would have thought they would know that’s all they need to reveal in order to get audiences into the theatre. However, with the recent announcement of Shah Rukh Khan also being a part of ‘Tubelight’, it seems audiences are even more intrigued then ever.

Though Khan (Shah Rukh) has a very small part in the film, he will be seen in the same frame as his ‘Karan Arjun’ (1995) co-star. Talking to the media about how both Khans worked together, Pinkvilla reports film maker Khan explaining, “It was beautiful. These days they [Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan] are close friends. There was a lot of warmth and affection over there. I know Shah Rukh for a long time now, he was the first person I knew when I landed in Bombay. He was my senior in Film school and I have studied from his notes. And of course, I knew Gauri too.”

Talking of how SRK became a part of the film, he went on to add, “When we went to him and I told Salman that we should get Shah Rukh on board for this, Shah Rukh instantly agreed. That day the entire crew became an audience. Because, just the energy of the two of them, they both are powerhouse and to see them together after 20 years it’s gonna be a treat. Whether you like the film, you don’t like the film, that scene will be loved because it is one of the most important scenes, shooting it was a treat.”

The director was also asked about how the both worked on their craft as individuals, to which he replied, “I found actually a lot of similarities between the two. In that one shoot, I found that both of them do approach the scene instinctively. They don’t over-prepare.”

“For Shah Rukh, I read out the scene to him, explained him and he did not ask many questions. When we were on the sets, he then brought in what only he could bring to the scene very instinctively. That’s the same with Salman, he doesn’t like to over-prepare. I myself don’t like to over-prepare,” he went on.

Also starring Sohail Khan, Matin Rey Tang and the late Om Puri, ‘Tubelight’ is set to release on 23rd June.