Kabir Khan & Siddharth Anand to direct Indo-Chinese films

Ketna Mistry



Kabir Khan and Siddharth Anand have secured a chance to direct two Indo-Chinese films, which are to be released in 2018.

According to Times Of India, this comes about following Trinity, the film production agency of India’s distribution giant Eros International, has struck a deal to co-produce the two franchise movies with Chinese partners, reported Variety.

The two films are ‘Zookeeper’, which Khan will direct and Anand’s project will be ‘Love in Beijing’.

‘The Zookeeper’ is a human drama that, tells of the journey of an Indian zoo keeper who travels to China to find a panda to return to India with, in order to save his zoo. This film has been given a budget of USD 25 million and will cast a Indian actor opposite a top leading Chinese actress. Filming will mainly take place in Chengdu.

‘Love In Beijing’ on the other hand will be love story between an Indian girl and Chinese man. Again casting top leading actors from both sides. The allocated budget given for this production is USD 15 million.

In a statement Trinity said, “The original stories were developed by the Trinity Pictures Writers’ Room, creative teams from both Trinity Pictures and the Chinese film companies worked closely on the scripts to create storylines that blend Sino-Indian culture.”