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‘Judgementall Hai Kya’ celebrates individuality & quirks

There is already a strong buzz around director Prakash Kovelamudi’s ‘Judgementall Hai Kya’, which stars Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao. In the film, the latter will portray Bobby, a unique, slightly cuckoo woman, who lives next door to Rao and is seemingly obsessed with him. On his part, the actor plays Keshav, a troubled guy who has multiple shades and can’t be fully trusted.

Bobby is a voiceover artiste, who oscillates between various looks, as she dubs for South films, horror flicks and quirky ads. A complex character, she has a tough time fitting in, which is conveyed beautifully in the way she dresses up. As Bobby, Ranaut has tried to make a statement through her choice of clothes. Whether it’s her trademark red sweater or some other attire, everything has a pop and quirky element to it, which compliments her zany character in the film.

Rao will be seen sporting two contrasting looks in the film — as the rugged, raw guy next door, and as a suave and slick man when the film travels to London in the latter half. With so many layers to his characters, his look, too, is laden with different shades. Keeping the essence of both the personalities in mind, stylist Sheetal Sharma worked closely with Prakash Kovelamudi to design young and offbeat looks for the duo.

Ranaut says, “My character is very complex. It was not something that developed overnight, but it required a lot of analysis, research and of course, my own perception of Bobby. We wanted her to look rebellious yet vulnerable, innocent yet dangerous, culpable yet investigative, reclusive and yet a histrionic personality.”

Rao adds, “I have two remarkably different looks in the film — one where I play this regular boy next door, living in the bustling city of Mumbai, and the other, where I step into this suave gentleman look. The difference in my styling reflects the complexity of my character, at the same time emphasising the normality of his behaviour.”

As part of her look, Ranaut will also sport two distinct hairstyles in the film. While she will sport one hairstyle in the first half of the film, in the second half, when her character travels to London, she will be seen with a quirky hairdo. The looks are radically different, but her oddball nature remains consistent.

“Bobby is very complex. Through her looks, we had to show her conflicting sides. She is crazy, suspicious and different, and all this had to be showcased through her look as well,” says Kovelamudi.

Producer Ekta Kapoor elaborates, “She’s irreverent, radical and absolutely wild. As Bobby, Kangana has aced her character. Her oddity is what makes her stand out and that’s what we attempt to celebrate. Bobby works on her instincts and you’re either with her, or you’re questioning her, right till the end. Rajkummar as Keshav is exactly the opposite. He is the happy ‘normal’ guy and that makes his character more fishy. Both Bobby and Keshav compel you to wonder who the real culprit is.”

An intriguing thriller, the film promises to encourage everyone to embrace and celebrate their individuality and distinctiveness.

‘Judgementall Hai Kya’, produced by Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms and Shaailesh R Singh’s Karma Media and Entertainment, releases on July 26.