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John Ryley to step down as head of Sky News after 17 years

John Ryley is to step down as head of Sky News after 17 years.

Ryley, who has been with Sky for 28 years, began his career as a BBC graduate news trainee and went on to programme edit ITV’s News at Ten before joining Sky in 1995 as an output editor.

He was appointed executive editor in 2000 and head of news six years later.

Ryley said: “Being the Head of Sky News is one of the most exhilarating jobs in journalism. Nonetheless, after almost 40 years in the news business, 28 of which have been at Sky including 17 lucky years at the helm – I have decided, as of next year, to stop and leave Sky News behind.

“We should all be proud this year Ofcom found Sky News to be the most trusted news broadcaster in the U.K. Trust and truth are the foundations on which a successful news organisation is built. We should also be proud Sky News is one of the world’s fastest growing news publisher on Tik Tok; proud, too, that we have demonstrated time and time again that public service journalism cannot be left solely to the public service news organisations.

“In the coming weeks, a new Head of Sky News will be appointed who will go on to shape the future history of the organisation. I hope my successor believes in the value of eye-witness journalism putting our camera operators and journalists at the heart of the news and remembers Sky News – at its best – is a challenger brand, and that it’s not the cleverest or biggest news organisation that succeeds but the one most adaptable to change.

“Sky News will change once again with a new leader as it did back in 2006 when I took over from the formidable Nick Pollard. Renewal is vital for longevity. A new leader, coupled with your talents, will make change a force for good.”