John Abraham’s father: “The New Year wedding was planned…”

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

John-Priya's wedding planned
John-Priya's wedding planned

The seemingly abrupt wedding of John Abraham to his girlfriend of three years, Priya Runchal, may well only appear that way to those not in the know but the actor’s father has said that the new year wedding was planned.

According to Ahmedabad Mirror, Mr Abraham said, “The New Year wedding was planned months in advance. It was entirely their decision.��Whenever Priya was in Mumbai — she worked here for a long time — she would always drop by to see us…”

“It was a court marriage registered with the local registrar in Los Angeles. We don�۪t believe in any particular religion, ours is an extremely secular family which is why John and Priya decided to go for a court marriage,” continued Mr Abraham.

Director Shoojit Sircar who is a close friend of John’s is ready to celebrate the occasion when the newlyweds return to Mumbai, “I�۪m waiting for him to land, so that we can talk. We�۪re not going to let him get away with this so easily”.

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